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Rural Michigan fuel supplier since 1975.
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About. Applebee Oil

We designed and developed a modern site one of Michigan's best rural fuel suppliers. Applebee Oil and Propane has been serving it's communities for almost five decades. The family owned business since 1975 has remained quite humble over the years, especially in regards to the online representation. Applebee Oil asked us to create a fresh new site that wold help them serve their community and customer. With a new design and overhauled site structure, Applebee Oil will still look and remain relevant to current and new customers.

Summary. of work

Applebee Oil and Propane has been in the business of distributing fuel to rural Michigan for decades. As the continue to serve their communities for many more, they needed a complete redesign of their site to maintain their status as a leader in their market.


We updated Applebee Oil and Propane's website to help streamline the needs of current and prospective customers. We Started with reviving the in the information architecture of the site, making it organized and easy for visitors find answers to their questions and easily be able to contact one of their locations to begin using their services.

Web design_

Applebee Oil and Propane's site had not been updated in many years. For such a great company, it was tragically out of touch with today's standards of web design. We started from the ground level to updated and fresh their online brand while maintaining it's original logo and charm.

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