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About. Noti

Noti is brand new. Entering the marketing of SAAS tools that helps companies stick out in search engine results by organically growing their online reviews from the current and new customers. Noti's dashboard allows businesses to send out personalized text messages to customers with direct links to their review sites through their Noti customer hub. On top of reviews, Noti can also help businesses get customer feedback, referrals and send out micro invoices that can be paid online through text messaging.

Summary. of work

Being a new company, Noti. We took this idea and ran with it until it was a fully functioning business.

Frontend Design_

Since Noti is a SAAS service, it needed a homepage to sell it's platform to businesses. We developed a unique, eye-catching home page that educates business owners how they can use texting to grow their business.

SAAS Platform_

Developing a customer checkout portal and integrating a few services in to the platform was no small task. We went through three revisions on the design of the client dashboard and functionality and nailed it. We wanted to make it as intuitive as possible to help eliminate confusion and overbearing documentation. We landed on a very easy to use platform that will have clients sending out requests within minutes.

Identity Design_

This hot new company needed a hot look to guarantee it would stand out amongst the competition. Which it definitely does. It's fun and energetic, a far cry away from anyone else in the market. Definitely not to be confused.

Video Production_

Noti's platform is new idea and needed help communicating exactly what it does and how it helps people. We got a script wrote, found an amazing voice talent and produce a short informative video that explains everything, in just two minutes! It has been an amazing marketing piece for the Noti.

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