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Creating a web presence for a process oriented, safety-first, basement remodeling company Basement 123 has a massive knowledge base of plumbing, drain systems and waterproofing. They provide safe and practical solutions for people looking to remodel their basements. Basement 123 will inspect and correct any water issues before any investment on the remodel are discussed. Their process gives home owners peace of mind with basement remodel.


Web Design, Mobile Responsive Design, Logo Design, Visual Identity, Marketing Collateral, Copywriting

What we did

During our discovery, working with Basement 123, we learned what would be the best route for educating their clients about basement renovations. Most home owners are unaware of the crucial, precautionary steps that should be taken prior to remodeling any basement.

Within the educational portion of the website and marketing materials, and the company's tagline. We explain, why Basement 123? Their process is communicated in three easy steps, 1. Inspect, 2. Correct, 3. Remodel.  Their tagline didn't start off that way, but in the end, they were happy with where is finished.

Logo / Visual Identity: During our time in the discovery phase with Basement 123 and with some competitive auditing. We create a recognizable logo and visual color scheme that noticeably stands out amongst the rest of basement renovating industries. Basement 123 offers solutions are mostly geared towards creating functional living space, which helped us create an utilitarian style identity.

Web Design: We created and easy to navigate and partially education with clear call to actions to help visitors learn about Basement 123's approach to basement renovations. We helped tackle objections, inspiration and giving visitors some foresight with the possibilities of a functional living area while address water and safety issues before initiating any work.

Marketing / Educational Collateral: Basement 123 has extensive knowledge of basement waterproofing. As helped put together tools to help them educate their clients about the best possible preparation of their basement before remodeling.

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