Life Pack 19


A group of small business owners and and pharmacists were quick to respond to the worldwide pandemic in hopes to maintain the economy of small business owners by supplying the with PPE (personal protection equipment) to keep customers protected and businesses afloat. Life Pack 19 needed packaged and sold through an asked for our help to quickly deploy branding, eCommerce platform, packaging, printed collateral for education and marketing.


Web Design, Mobile Responsive Design, Ecommerce, Logo Design, Visual Identity, Email Marketing Campaign, Copywriting

What we did

Our goal for Life Pack 19 was to develop all parts of the project simultaneously. Understanding how and when we could move forward was pivotal to completing the project on. We created a eCommerce framework that only required content.. When a component of the project was ready such as graphics or content. There was a place for it be.

Visual Identity: We create a highly visible color scheme with simple primary colors and basic shapes. The design system was  easily configured in to aspects the projects for efficient turn around time.

eCommerce: The framework for the website was completed before anything else, we understood everything that needed to be prepared for the content. The site itself was simple and straight forward. We kept the functionality to a minimum in order to complete the project as quick as possible.

Printed Collateral: We created a range of marketing materials and labels for Life Pack 19. More importantly, with their knowledge we created an array of educational materials to help people understand how to safely navigate a pandemic by taking proper precautions and using personal protective equipment effectively.

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